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We do not believe in adding any artificial flavouring to our teas so all the Birt&Tang infusions are made from 100% natural products which are organically certified whenever possible by the Organic Food Federation. Each little teabag is packed full of ultra-healthy, exotic herbs that have been carefully blended for Western palates.
Figuro (50 bags)

Figuro (50 bags)


Chinese herbal practitioners, seeking to understand the phenomenon of weight gain, described it in terms of the circulation of vital energy or qi. They prescribed herbs like Cassia tora, clove and cinnamon in order to warm the stomach, stimulate digestion, and eliminate retained fluids and stagnant qi.

Birt&Tang's Figuro slimming tea combines these traditional remedies with Pu’er tea, believed to increase metabolism and help to dissolve fats in the blood to aid weight loss and lower cholesterol. The subtle, naturally sweet flavours of this authentic slimming tea make it an enjoyable alternative way to lose weight.


Puer Tea, Cassia Tora, Apple, Waterlily Leaf, Orange Peel, Hawthorn, Liquorice, Cinnamon, Clove

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Detox , Slimming