Mo says:

I have been drinking your Easynight tea for 4 years now, and I Will drink no other, it is so good and helps me relax.
Because I live in Denmark i have to import your tea, but it is worth it !
Mo, Denmark .

A recent customer says:

I found one of your teas by accident and i love it, the Detox tea seems to be the only thing that helps my sore bloated stomach.. i suffer from constant stomach aches and bloating but a cup in the morning, really, really helps and im not so scared to eat lunch anymore.

They are a god send and I would recommend anyone who suffers from downstairs or stomach problems to give them a go and find one that suits you.. I don't think I could do without them.

Thank you.

Laura says:

Just wanted to say how wonderful your teas are! I bought the slim pack as was having trouble shifting weight. After trying exercise, cutting down on food etc I read about Pu-er teas and then found your wonderful website. I have been drinking them for around 6 weeks now and apart from the great taste, especially the Slim Art which is my favourite, I have lost nearly half a stone which is AMAZING! Am so happy and my husband also drinks them now. Am happily recommending to all my friends so expect an influx of orders!! Thanks again.

Veronica says:

I LOVE these teas, the delivery everything, couldn't be without my Birt&Tang teas to boost me when im feeling low, help me loose weight, and make my skin glow!! THANK YOU

Donna says:

I have M.E and drink ginger tea to help boost my immune system,i have also used the detox, about to try loosing weight, so guess whats next ....where would i be without my Birt&Tang.

Samantha says:

I have struggled with my weight after the birth of my child.He is two now and i really should have lost my babyweight.I excerise alot and walk everywhere but still ony gained weight. so i decided to change my diet a little starting with replacing my cups of tea and coffee with healthier alternatives like, at least 2 cups of green tea aday,one cup of a detoxing tea, one cup of tea for digestion after my main evening meal and a cup of tea for the skin at night. ive tried almost every tea as i like to mix it up. and the results were amazing.not only have i lost 3stone in 3months but i feel so good, energetic, my skin is glowing and i dont suffer with a bloating tummy anymore! please please give it ago and good luck! i truely love birt&tang!

Veronica says:

These teas are gorgeous and really beneficial to your health, amazingly fast delivery aswell!!

Margaret says:

"I love your range of teas especially Figuro although the range and flavours are brilliant. I have been a coffee drinker for years but now its Birt&Tang for me."

Lisa from London says:

 "Your new SlimArt tea is fantastic. I have been driking it for 3 weeks now and have lost nearly a stone. I love the taste as well. Thank you."

Jane from Reading says:

"Your Figuro slimming tea has been fantastic for me. I love the taste and look forward to my cups every day. Thank you."

Samantha says:

During an extremely stressful final year at uniand an inability to switch off, a friend suggested Wasynight tea. It did wonders, not only did it allow me to switch offat ight, it helpedto calm me in times of stress. Thank you Birt&Tang.

Denisa says:

 I love Birt&Tang teas. They are different to everything else and I love how readily available they are, too. Over the years I have slowly made my way through the range and there wasn't one I didnlt like. My absolute fabourite is the EasyNight as it is a perfect antitode to a busy and stressful day and helps me relax and switch off my busy brain before I go to sleep. Keep up the great work!

Claire says:

 "I have been using Figuro tea alongside Pu'er tea for 2 weeks now and can see the difference its made on my weight."

 Denise, from West Yorkshire says:

"I love Birt & Tang's teas. I like the range of flavours they offer and they are really well blended, and do not taste bitter like some I've tried."

Leanne, from London says:

"I am in love with your Figuro tea. I drink a few cups a day and have really started to notice a difference."

Louise, from London says:

"Please can you make a raspberry leaf tea?"

Simon, from Hull says:

"I have been drinking your teas for years and think they are great."

Lousie, from Hertfordshire says:

"I think your teas and the packaging are just great! I would love to be able to buy gift boxes to give as presents as I'm sure most people I know would love them too - do you think you could do this for me? Thanks"

Esther, from Kensal Rise says:

"Thank you so much for your Easynight tea...I used to have real problems in getting to sleep and I find a cup of Easynight before bed really does the trick!"

Andrew, from London says:

 "We love the fresh clean taste and look of birt & tang teas. Great selection especially the detox which always gets us back on track. Thanks."

 Graham, from Ruislip says:

"Superior to any other herbal teas I have tried."

Alice Ross says:

"Absolutely wonderful! I first bought Detox in a health food shop and have since ordered 10 different teas online. I am so pleased and surprised by the benefits i feel! Only problem is all the people i work with recognise it too and pilfer them lol! Particularily the Cardio and Insula ones which seem to be keeping the office sane and off the chocolate :-)"